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Napoleon's Triumph Napoleon's Triumph This is a simulation of the battle of Austerlitz, which was fought on December 2, 1805. In the aftermath of his strategic victory over the Austrians at Ulm, Napoleon advanced east, where he encountered a second Allied army, the predominantly Russian force under Czar Alexander. Napoleon, who feared being drawn deeper into Austria, feigned weakness in order to lure the Allied army into advancing. Alexander and his aides, taken in by the French deception, resolved to attack immediately rather than await reinforcements. In the ensuing battle, the Allied left advanced, but a French counter-attack first cut the Allied army in two, and then defeated each half in turn, resulting in one of the greatest victories in military history. Both Austria and Russia were knocked out of the war in a single day: Napoleon’s domination of Europe had begun.
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The Guns of Gettysburg The Guns of Gettysburg. Published by Mercury Games, this is a simulation of the battle of Gettysburg, fought on July 1-3, 1863. After his stunning triumph at Chancellorsville, Robert E. Lee decided to carry the war to the North in the hopes that a victory on Northern soil would win the war for the Confederacy. Opposing his Army of Northern Virginia was the Union army of the Potomac, which was in a leadership crisis that would result in a new commander, George Meade, being named in the middle of the campaign. Only two days after Meade took command, a Union cavalry division outside of Gettysburg came under attack by a Confederate infantry division. The engaged commanders called for reinforcements, and more and more units from both sides rushed to the scene. Without anyone having planned or intended it, the decisive battle of the campaign, and perhaps the war, was underway.
More Info Published by Mercury Games
Bonaparte at Marengo Bonaparte at Marengo. This is a simulation of the battle of Marengo, which was fought on June 14, 1800. In the weeks prior to this battle, the French army under then-First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte had crossed the alps into the rear of the Austrian army in Italy under General Melas. Although Bonaparte expected the Austrians to attempt to avoid battle, Melas decided on a counter-attack in a desparate effort to defeat the French and break through their lines. Initially Melas's plan worked well; the French were caught off guard and defeated in the morning's fighting, but even as Melas left the field to write his victory dispatch, the French army received reinforcements and in a stunning counterattack won a decisive victory.
More Info 2nd Edition in development
Bonaparte at Marengo Stavka. This is a simulation of the eastern front in WWII, from the German attack on June 22, 1941, to the end of the war and the occupation of Berlin in 1945. Still in early development, you can read about Stavka in the developer’s blog.
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Maria Maria In partnership with its publisher, Histogame, Simmons Games is delighted to offer Histogame’s Maria. Maria is based on the War of the Austrian Succession, in which the young Austrian queen Maria Theresa attempted to preserve her inheritance against an alliance of great powers, each coveting a different part of her domains. It is a game for 3 players, although it includes a 2-player option as well. In its 3-player version, one player takes Austria, one takes France and its ally Bavaria, and the third takes Prussia and the British-led Pragmatic Army. Maria’s game system is based on the award-winning Friedrich, and includes the same mix of traditional card games and wargames, and adds a new element of Machiavellian political intrigue. Maria is scheduled to ship on 27 November, 2009.
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Friedrich Friedrich (2nd edition). In partnership with its publisher, Histogame, Simmons Games is delighted to offer Histogame’s Friedrich. Friedrich is based on the Seven Years War, in which Prussia under Frederick the Great held off the combined might of the three greatest European powers for seven years. It is a game for three or four players, each of whom takes the part of one of the major powers (Prussia or one of the allied powers: Austria, France, or Russia). Although the Allies are forbidden from attacking each other, they each are attempting to win the game independently of the others, while Prussia is trying to hold off all of them. Friedrich combines elements from tradtional card games as well as wargames to create a novel and fascinating gaming experience. Although it is a subtle strategy game, the rules can be learned in 15 minutes, and it is a game that can be enjoyed by wargamers and casual gamers both.
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King of Siam King of Siam In partnership with its publisher, Histogame, Simmons Games is delighted to offer Histogame’s King of Siam. King of Siam is based on the struggle for power in Siam in the late nineteenth century. It is is a game for two, three or four players. In a political power struggle, the players try to maneuver one of the three contending factions (the Malay, Lao, and Rama) into power while simulataneously gaining influence over that faction. The game is even easier to learn than Friedrich, and plays fast: a typical game will be completed in an hour. After the initial set-up, there is no chance in King of Siam: each player has the same set of eight action cards and must out-think his opponents to seize the prize. Game play is subtle and rewards indirection and thinking ahead. Anyone who enjoys strategy games can enjoy King of Siam.
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