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There is a dubious tradition in the wargame publishing industry of publishing little or nothing about the sources on which they are based. Simmons Games wishes to break with this tradition, and not only to provide bibliographic references to its games, but, where practicable, to publish them on the website itself.

When this site was first created, “publishing” them on the site meant scanning, and, for books, often doing optical character recognition, and HTML conversion. However, in the last decade, the creation of vast online digital archives and libraries (such as Google Books) has generally made this process obsolete.

Currently, “publishing” here generally means to track down where a work is already available digitally, and clean it up (sich as restoring folding map pages that are frequently omitted from online digital libraries) and provide easier access. (Google Books may have an enormous number of books, but they are by no means easy to find, especially individual volumes of multi-volume works.)

As additional material is added to this section, it will be noted in the News section of the site.



American Civil War

World War II