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King of Siam

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“Of all the countries in Southeast Asia, Siam alone escaped colonization by European powers and preserved its independence.”

In 1874, the young King of Siam, Rama V Phra Maha Chulalongkorn, began a series of modernizations necessary for the country to maintain its independence, but which set off an internal power struggle between the Lao, Malays and Royalists that threatened to destablize the country, which jeopardized the very independence that the reforms were meant to preserve.

King of Siam is a game for 2, 3, or 4 players based on that power struggle. The players vie for influence with the opposing factions and attempt to steer the faction in which their influence is greatest into power. This must be done, however, without the struggle becoming too overt, or the British can move in.

In partnership with its publisher, Histogame, Simmons Games is delighted to be able to present Histogame’s King of Siam, an easy to learn, unique, fast-playing subtle battle of wits based on that fascinating historical struggle. The printed game materials are in English and German, and additional translations are available for download.

Rules available for download in:

English English German German French French Spanish Spanish Italian Italian

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